With R1 on 1B, B3 skips B2 in the batting order. The error is discovered by the opposing team personnel
and reported to the umpire or official scorekeeper (a) after B3 has a 0-2 count, (b) after B3 has reached
1B safely advancing R1 and before a pitch to B4, or (c) after B3 has reached 1B safely and a pitch has
been delivered to B4.

In (a), B3 is replaced by B2 who assumes the 0-2 count; also any advancement by R1 is
legal. In (b), B2 is out and B3 is removed from base and bats again with a 0-0 count with R1 returning to
1B. In (c), no correction is made and B2 simply loses their turn to bat until it comes again in the batting
order. (1-BATTING ORDER; 7-2)