Adult Softball General Information

This page was developed to provide Adult Softball Teams registered with Southern California ASA with basic information on the ASA program, and the rules and policies which pertain to their participation in the ASA program.

While it is impossible to provide all the information you might need during the season, or to answer all questions in the space available here, this will cover those basic issues that you need to be aware of. At any time during the season, the Southern California staff is available to answer any specific questions you might have. Click on the “Contacts” link for a list of staff.




WOMEN’S LEAGUE ROSTER | PDF Download (Not to be used for Tournament)





To be and remain eligible for ASA Championship play, the following deadlines will pertain to all teams registered with Southern California ASA. Contact the Adult Softball Commissioner or Division Commissioner for additional information or any forms necessary to remain eligible for Championship Play. DEADLINES: July 1st or one day prior to entering championship play, whichever is sooner. REGISTRATION FORM | PDF Download
To be eligible for Championship Play, teams must have an official roster on file with the Adult Softball Commissioner, or his duly authorized representative, by July 31st or one day prior to entering Championship Play, whichever is earlier. Failure to meet this deadline will result in the team forfeiting their championship eligibility. Rosters are mailed to appropriately registered teams at the time of registration. Rosters are due one day prior to entering Championship play. Signed and completed rosters must be in the hands of the appropriate Commissioner by this deadline.
Included in this website are listings and information on ASA Sanctioned and Championship tournaments being offered in the Southern California area.
Southern California ASA, through their association with the Bollinger Insurance Company, offers liability and medical insurance to teams registered with ASA. Also available is insurance for tournament/clinic hosts, facility owners and league directors. For information on available insurance, coverage and other items pertaining to the Bollinger Insurance program, contact the Adult Commissioner or go to the Bollinger web site at

If you do not receive a registration card with your rule and score book, or if your card is labeled “Not Championship Play”, your team is not registered for Southern California ASA Championship Play. As such, your team is not eligible for championship play, you will not receive regular newsletters, and will not be mailed registration information for next year.
This information pertains to teams that are interested in participating in ASA Championship Play. Championship Play is defined as any event that leads to an ASA National Championship. Such events include State Qualifiers, Regional Qualifiers, National Qualifiers and So Cal Championships. To be eligible to participate in Championship Play, your team must be registered one day prior to entering championship play. Your official ASA Championship roster must be submitted to the Adult Commissioner, or his duly authorized representative one day prior to entering Championship Play. Teams registered through local recreation leagues are required to pay an additional registration fee to be eligible for championship play. Official ASA Championship rosters are frozen on July 31st, or once a team has participated in Championship Play, whichever date is earlier. (EXCEPTION: Team’s pick-up players, SP Qualifiers). It is the manager’s responsibility to know what is a “Championship” event, and what is not. Southern California ASA staff is always available to assist you in making this determination.
Any team that has qualified for a National Championship, or that does not have to qualify and has an interest in participating in their respective National, will be issued an Official ASA National Championship Entry Form when their official roster is properly submitted, or they have qualified for Nationals if qualifying is required. These forms are required for entry into the National tournament.
Teams advancing in Championship Play are permitted three pick-up players. Pick-up players are not eligible until their team is no longer eligible for Championship play, and the player has signed an official Pick-Up Player form and the form is executed by the Adult Softball Commissioner, or his duly authorized representative. These forms are provided to teams with their National Championship Entry Form.

The method to qualify for an ASA National varies according to the division and classification of play. Following is general information on the qualifying system.

MEN’S FAST PITCH – With the exception of Men’s “C” fast pitch teams, any team meeting registration and roster deadlines are eligible to participate in ASA Nationals. Men’s “C” team must qualify through local, regional or national qualifying events. The exact number of berths is determined by the number of Men’s Fast Pitch teams registered during the previous year. The date and location of all qualifying events is provided in the tournament guide section of this brochure.

WOMEN’S FAST PITCH – Currently, any registered Women’s Fast Pitch team that is interested in participating in an ASA National can do so by meeting the registration and roster deadlines specified in this brochure. National entry forms are provided to teams when rosters are submitted.

MEN’S SLOW PITCH – Southern California ASA has established a Championship qualifying tournament program for all levels of Men’s Slow Pitch. To qualify for the Western Nationals, which provide berths to the ASA National Championship Finals, a team must meet registration and roster deadlines, win a Qualifier, or earn enough participate points in number of qualifying tournaments to earn a berth. Information on Qualifying events and our So Cal Championships can be found in our tournament guide or on our web site.

OTHER DIVISIONS/CLASSIFICATIONS – In most of the remaining divisions and classifications of play, teams that meet the registration and roster deadlines are eligible to participate in their respective National. However, since some such divisions/classifications do have limits on the number of local direct berths, it may be necessary to conduct a local qualifying tournament, if the total number of interested, registered teams exceeds these limits. Contact the Adult Commissioner or the appropriate Division Commissioner if you have any questions concerning your division and or classification.

Individual teams may register through the Adult Softball Commissioner, their division’s Commissioner or through a qualifying tournament director. Teams interested in participating in Championship Play that leads to an ASA National Championship must meet the established deadline to register. Teams registering for Championship Play will receive an official ASA Team Registration Card, a rule book, score book, and an Adult Softball Brochure which includes a listing of tournaments for their division of play, if scheduled. Championship registered teams will also receive Southern California ASA’s Adult Softball newsletter and notices on any meetings concerning their division of play.


Southern California ASA has made arrangements with the following hotel to reserve hotel rooms for our tournaments as a convenience for the players. Additional hotels will be listed during the years for tournaments not yet covered. Please remember that you must reserve the room in your name and use a credit card to reserve the room. Rooms not guaranteed with a credit card will not be held. The following hotels have been contracted to provide rooms for the specific dates:

For San Diego Hotels

For additional information regarding this hotel, CLICK HERE.