Adult-Master/Senior Softball

Starting in 2012 ASA will now offer Competitive and Recreation divisons at their Over 35-Over, 40-Over and 45-Over National Championships. Below is the Code item and player guidelines.

Men’s Masters 35-Over, 40-Over, and 45-Over Slow Pitch. Competitive division will be allowed up to Three ( 3 ) players from the ASA Restricted Players List. Recreation division will be allowed up to Three ( 3 ) Class C players and no players rated A+, A, B+, B, C+ or ASA Restricted Players List.

To contact Nate call (760) 855-9713 or via email at

Master/Senior schedules Click here

2013 So Cal ASA Senior Playing Rules Click Here

In the meantime, if you are looking to play some softball, here are some contacts for league information:

• Masters Softball Congress     (661) 624-1551

• New Coast Seniors     (619) 295-7278

• Rancho Simi Rec & Park Dist     (805) 584-4400

• San Diego Seniors     (619) 543-1278

• Seniors of San Diego     (858) 536-9144