Adult-World Softball League

General Information

To all So Cal team managers and players,

I want to invite you and your team to come out and try our So Cal WSL tournaments this season.
I will strive to assure that your experience with all WSL tournaments, will always be a positive one.


WSL – World Softball League…The Next Level

For more information on the WSL, the hottest new tournament softball association to come to So Cal, please feel free to contact me.

Karl Tsurudome

(619) 787-4129

WSL is sanctioned across the United States by ASA, the National Governing Body of Softball. WSL National Championship play events use ASA book rules.  Although WSL is a separate association with separate State & World Tournaments each year.  WSL originated in 2002, and it is a nation-wide slow pitch association that is growing rapidly, and offers tremendous World Tournament events at great locations.

WSL offers the following divisions of play at various events across the country:

MEN’s – Open, A, B, C, D, E, Over-35, Over-40

WOMEN’s and CO-ED divisions will be offered in conjunction with ASA events.

ALL teams which earn WSL National Championship berths in any division, can then participate in any or all of the WSL World Series events which host their division of play.

For more information on the WSL… please see the national website:

So Cal WSL Mission Statement:

To develop, promote, and direct quality adult slow pitch tournaments throughout So Cal, to ensure maximum enjoyment, even competition, optimal performance, and sizeable participation.  While also allowing teams the opportunity to win quality prizes and also qualify for berths to play in tremendous National Championship events all across the United States.

WSL is sanctioned by ASA for all WSL National Championship tournament rules of play.  Although, WSL National guidelines do allow local state programs to use local area rule modifications.

SoCal WSL will use ASA national sanctioned rules with the following local So Cal rule modifications for 2009:

  • Batting lineup can be 8 to 12 players
  • 1-1 count, with 1 extra foul to waste
  • 1 courtesy runner per inning / per team
  • No metal spikes
  • No base stealing
  • Homerun rules:

• C Division – 4 & 1 up
• D Division – 2 per game / per team
• E Division – 0 per game / per team then half inning ending out

We believe these rules will provide a very enjoyable So Cal WSL game for all of the teams and players.  All local So Cal WSL .98 2009 rule modifications listed above will be used in all local So Cal WSL tournaments thru December 2009.  Each rule modification will then be evaluated at the end of each year to determine future use for the following season.

The Mens & Co-Ed So Cal WSL Tournament Master Schedules will be posted when available.

Contact us on specific info on how Mens, Womens & Co-Ed teams can earn berths to qualify for all of the WSL National Championship events.