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The Southern California USA Softball  Players Association has developed a Networking system, which will allow college coaches who are searching for talented softball players to access more detailed information on specific players who are registered in the network.

To obtain player information, a college coach can simply fill out a form with information about their school, what position players they are looking for and return it to Lorrie Ivie, the director.  She will send that information to all players in the network relating to the recruiting year which the coach specifies.   Players are placed in the network according to the year of their high school graduation.  With this information, the players who are interested can plan to contact the coach and begin the process of learning more about the school, its scholastic programs, the coaches and whether or not the needs of player and coach will coincide.

The players are required to fill out questionnaires with profile information (travel team, positions played, year of graduation from high school, SAT scores, etc.).  This enables the director to prepare spread sheets, which are forwarded to the colleges so that they can learn more about the players in whom they have an interest.  It is very important that players use the network to keep current on the needs of college coaches and to make updates to their personal player profiles so that communications are clear and college coaches are kept abreast of the players’ progress. A onetime small fee is asked at this time, which covers mailings, copies, etc.

We like to think of the Players Association as a liaison between colleges and players; indeed, that is what it has become.  This liaison allows players to know what colleges are looking for and in turn keeps colleges aware of where players are in their development.  When information is requested by coaches as to their requirements, the information is forwarded via e-mail to every girl in the graduating class which matches the coach’s needs; for example, the coach may need a second baseman who will graduate from high school in 2012.  Our job is done, having connected the player who fits the profile that the coach has requested with that coach.

Throughout the year, we are updated by coaches as to their requirements.  These communications are continuous.  Players’ names and profiles are maintained in the network’s data base even though a particular player may have accepted an offer because there remain the possibilities that players seek to transfer from one school to another.  We attempt to maintain contact with players keeping them informed as to new colleges’ contacts, advising the players about how to write query letters, answering questions about the schools’ SAT and GPA requirements, etc.  If we do not know the answers to your questions immediately, we will research the information and get back to you.

To make our program even more attractive, we now are able to offer scholarship assistance to graduating seniors in Southern California who have played in either travel team or recreational softball programs, but who may not have been offered full-ride scholarships.  Our scholarship money is raised through sales of our Tournament Book, donations from interested softball supporters and a Travel Tournament, which raises money exclusively for our program.

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