Code of Conduct and Ethics


Standards of conduct are part of the ASA National Code and Southern California Rules and Regulations.  Every ASA member shall respect these standards.  A manager, coach, player, or other individual(s) affiliated with the team shall not violate any of the following:

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct or any derogatory action on or off the playing field.
  • Verbal or physical attack or threat upon an umpire or an ASA official.
  • Destruction of property, abusive behavior or violation of state or federal law.
  • Non-payment of team-incurred debts.
  • ‘A’ Travel Teams Only – Failure to provide an itemized and accurate pre-season team budget and provide an itemized financial statement of team expense to players/parents/guardians at the end of the ASA championship season: not to exceed 60 days.
  • All players MUST be individually registered with ASA.
  • All managers/coaches/team parents that will be on the field or in the dugout must beindividually registered and background checked through the Southern California ASA mandatory registration system, and the ID cards must be visible at all times.
  • Playing under an assumed name or falsifying an official ASA document.
  • Writing checks with non-sufficient funds or account closed checks to an ASA official, umpire, ASA team, individual or business.
  • Commission of fraud perpetrated against an ASA official, team or individual.
  • Commission of larceny perpetrated against an ASA official, team or individual.
  • Use of any ASA logos or trademarks without express permission.
  • Commission of any acts that are contrary to the objectives and purposes of ASA.
  • Forfeit a game in championship play.
  • Competing with or against individuals or teams who are disqualified from ASA play.
  • Any other acts of disqualification as listed in ASA National Code.
  • A Team Manager/Team Coach will not contact a National Championship Tournament Director regarding “Fill-In: berths at any time.
  • At no time shall any player, coach or manager be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages or smoke on the field, inside or outside of the dugout. The use, possession, or sale of alcohol is forbdden at all Jr. Olympic Events.

 Non-Compliance Penalty: Violation of any of the above may result in suspension or disqualification.

Code of Conduct | PDF Download


Commitment to the Players

  • Coaches shall put the welfare of their athletes above all else while maintaining professional relationships with them.
  • Coaches shall encourage the athlete to exhibit sportsmanship at all times.
  • Coaches shall follow ASA rules.
  • Coaches will treat players with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Coaches need to understand that they are role models for their young players.  They must project a proper role model image.
  • Coach’s commitment to the player and the player’s commitment to the coach is an equal partnership.

 Commitment to the Institution

  • Coaches shall behave in such a way that they shall bring credit to their organization and to themselves.
  • Coaches need to have and show professional behavior.
  • Coaches shall act in full accordance with Southern California and National ASA rules.
  • Coaches will follow the Southern California Code of Conduct.

 Commitment to Other Coaches

  • All umpires and coaches shall be treated in a professional and respectable manner both on and off the field.
  • Any displeasure with a coach or umpire’s action or conduct shall be addressed through the proper channels and not through the media or through public opinion.

 As a member of Southern California ASA, I accept the Code of Ethics and agree to abide by the principles of the Code.

Code of Ethics | PDF Download