Frequently Asked Questions- Travel Softball Program

Q:  What are National Qualifiers?
A:  Each of the 15 Regions has one National Qualifier in each age group.  Any team may enter and the winner goes to Nationals.

Q:  How do I qualify for the ASA National Championship?
A:  You must first participate in the So Cal Championship Tournament.  If you do not qualify in a Regional Tournament or the USA/ASA Girls Class A Fast Pitch National Championship, you will then qualify for the ASA Girls Class A Fast Pitch National Championship.

Q:  Can I get a list of other ASA Travel Teams in my age group?
A:  Yes, ASA team managers have a team list in their membership packet or contact Age Group Commissioner for most current list.

Q:  Is a Manager and Coach one in the same in ASA?
A:  No, the manager is responsible for the affairs of the team.  This position has the final say in team decisions.  Umpires will only address questions or problems from the manager.

Q:  What is a Jr. Olympic ‘B’ or ‘C’ All-Star Tournament?
A:  Jr. Olympic ‘B’/’C’ is the recreation league level, less competitive than ‘A’.  The ‘B’/’C’ leagues select All-Star Teams to compete in the ‘B’/’C’ Championship Tournaments.  This program is 85% to 90% of Southern California’s total Jr. Olympic registrations.  It is the foundation of our program and the reason we have extra berths for Nationals.

Q:  What is the Players Association all about?
A:  It is Southern California ASA’s avenue to inform players and parents and to get their feedback about improving the player’s part in the ASA program.  Southern California ASA Player’s Association also provides scholarships to local players each year.