Player Eligibility and Agreements


1.    Age qualifications – all requirements of the ASA National Code must be complied with.
2.    A player may participate as a regular rostered player on only one team within a division in championship play during the season. EXCEPTION: Pick-up players. See ASA National Code.
3.    Player Identification: Upon demand by Southern California ASA league, or other tournament officials, a player must produce a proper identification which shall include a current photograph and signature or the player shall be ineligible and the team subject to disqualification. See ASA National Code.
4.    U.S. Players: A U.S. player that participates on a foreign softball team in a foreign country must return to the United States by May 1st of the current season to be eligible for ASA Championship play. See ASA National Code.

In any sports organization, there must be rules and regulations to insure fair and equitable competition.  The national ASA championship softball program provides regulations, known as Codes, that will be respected and followed by all members.  In addition to the National Codes, Southern California ASA may establish local rules and regulations.  The local rules and regulations shall supplement the National Codes.  These rules and regulations shall serve and protect member teams and players in situations that are unique to our area and further define the codes where necessary.

Southern California ASA has one of the best softball programs in the United States.  This is due largely to the talent of our coaches, the desire and determination of our players and the guidelines set by Southern California ASA.  As a member, your cooperation in keeping within these guidelines will continue our success.  In an effort to maintain our standards, any infractions of the following agreements shall be reported to the Age Group Coommissioner, Jr. Olympic Commissioner or Southern California State Commissioner.

Managers and coaches shall not violate the Southern California Rules and Regulations or the National Code. They shall also abide by the following Southern California Guidelines and understand that as the manager or coach they are responsible for the actions and financial obligations of their team. They must agree to abide by the ASA Official Guide & Rule Book and the adopted Rules and Regulations of Southern California ASA including, but not limited to:

1.    Will not be guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct or any acts contrary to the objectives and purposes of ASA.
2.    Understand that a player has seven (7) days from the date the Player Agreement Form is received by the Age Group Commissioner to withdraw from the team without a release from the manager. (if used, not mandatory)
3.    Recomended that teams provide players and parents a pre-season team budget and an itemized and accurate team financial statement within 30 days after ASA Championship play.
4.    All team staff (manager/coach/team parent) will be individually registered and background checked, also all players will be individually registered.
5.    Team personnel shall not recruit or entice players and/or parents that have signed an ASA Player Agreement Form to change teams. This includes any player currently playing on a team in ASA Jr. Olympic Recreation League Championship play. This policy is in effect until July 1st or a team is no longer eligible for championship play, whichever last occurs.
6.    Shall not compete with or against a disqualified team, player, manager or coach after being notified of the disqualification.
7.    Shall not use any ASA logos or trademarks without express permission from a So Cal  ASA staff member.
8.    Each Manager/Coach acknowledges that ASA provides a coaches certification education program. (ACE)
9.    Will have control of all team personnel and fans while participating in ASA events.
10.    Shall receive permission from another team’s manager before asking a player to be a pick-up player on a team for an invitational tournament.
11.    Shall notify a team manager whose team is no longer eligible for championship play before asking a player from that team to be a pick-up player pursuant to ASA National Code.
12.    Understands that players are released if team is not entering ASA Championship Play. Championship Play takes priority over other tournaments or games.
13.    Shall inform players they are automatically released when:
14.        a. Decision has been made not to enter Championship Play.
15.        b. Decision has been made not to enter any remaining Championship Tournaments (Example: Regionals,
16.            Western Nationals, National Qualifier, USA/ASA Nationals).
17.        c. Team has been eliminated from further Championship Play.
18.        d. A player withdraws from a team within the seven (7) day agreement. Team
19.            manager shall notify their Age Group Commissioner or the Junior Olympic
20.            Commissioner if any of the above occurs.
21.    Shall notify the Age Group Commissioner or Junior Olympic Commissioner when a player is automatically released.
22.    Shall respect a team that is still competing in Championship Play by not attempting to entice a player as a pick-up player for Championship Play or for the fall or next season’s team. This includes all levels of Championship Play including teams competing in ASA ‘B’ or ‘C’ League All-Star Championship.
23.    Shall move to the next level in ASA Championship Play, when berth is accecpted, unless such failure is due to circumstance beyond the teams control.
24.    Shall not allow team personnel, team parents or fans to be abusive towards the team players, opposing teams, spectators, umpires or ASA representatives.
25.    Shall inform a team player who also plays in a ‘B’ Recreation League that they cannot play with an ‘A’ Travel team after April 1st for the player to remain eligible for selection to the League All-Star Championship Tournaments.
26.    Shall not allow the team to compete in any tournament in which cash prizes are awarded.
27.    Is required to turn into Southern California ASA, championship roster by the scheduled deadline dates in order to be eligible for Championship Play.
28.    Managers of teams who have players who are also on a team in an ASA Recreation League must inform the player and parent that if they play with an ‘A’ Travel Team after April 1st, the player will not be eligible for selection to their League All-Star Championship Tournament team.


1.    Shall put the welfare of their athletes above all else and will maintain a professional relationship with them.
2.    Will encourage the players to exhibit sportsmanship at all times.
3.    Will treat the players with dignity and respect at all times.
4.    Understand that the manager and coaches are role models for their young player and should project a good example for them to follow.
5.    Will be truthful about their playing situation with the team when recruiting a player.

Shall always, by their actions on and off the field, be a credit to the team and ASA.  Will treat umpires and all coaches in a professional and respectful manner both on and off the field.

The Player Agreement Form(if used) and the championship roster used by the Jr. Olympic Gold and ‘A’ classification are considered a team’s regular season roster as defined in the ASA National Code.  The Jr. Olympic Team Manager must mail the completed top white copy of the form to the team’s Age Group Commissioner.

The 10-Under and 12-Under Player Agreements and championship roster must be RECEIVED by May 15th of the current year.  If Player Agreements and championship roster are not turned in by May 15th, the team may not be eligible for Championship Play.

The Jr. Olympic 14, 16 and 18-Under and GOLD Player Agreements and the championship roster must be RECEIVED before the team’s first game or June 1st, whichever occurs first.  If Player Agreements and championship roster are not received by June 1st, the team may not be eligible for Championship Play.

Players understand that they may play on only one ASA team during the current season. If player quits this team, they will be ineligible as a pick-up player and ineligible to compete on another ASA team, unless released by manager pursuant to Southern California ASA Code.

Players may appeal to Southern California ASA Jr. Olympic Commissioner, if they leave a team for just cause without a release. 

Player is automatically released from a team if the team is out of Championship play after July 15th, changes age classification or the seven (7) day withdrawal rule is applied. Player agrees to obey all ASA Codes and Rules (available from team manager or membership in ASA Players Association) including but not limited to the following:

1.    Player shall not be guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct or any other acts that are contrary to the objectives and purposes of ASA.
2.    Player shall not recruit player(s) who are rostered on any other ASA team(s) to leave their team and play for any other ASA team.
3.    Player shall accept the manager’s decision and changes concerning their playing position and the amount of time they will play in any game or tournament.
4.    Within fifteen (15) days of being released from a team, player shall return all team uniforms and team equipment to the manager in good condition except for normal wear. Failure to do so will render player ineligible in ASA until items are returned or manager is reimbursed.
5.    Players understand they are given a seven (7) day period from the date the Player Agreement Form is received by the Age Group Commissioner to withdraw from that team without release from the manager.
6.    Player understands that July 1st is the deadline to be released from a Travel Team to compete in Championship Play with another ASA team this season.
7.    Players understand that unless otherwise agreed in writing, any time or money is given of their own free will and becomes the property of the team. The manager shall provide player/parent/guardian a pre-season budget and a final itemized and accurate financial accounting at the end of ASA Championship play.

Players in the Jr. Olympic program can be added to or released from the roster until July 1st unless they have entered Championship Play.

Prior to entering Championship play to add or release a player the team must:

To add a player, a Player Agreement Form must be sent to the Age Group Commissioner prior to the roster change deadline or entering Championship Play, whichever comes first.

To release a player, the manager must sign the release section of the Player Agreement Form and mail it to their Age Group Commissioner before the roster change deadline or entering Championship Play, whichever comes first.