Team Management Guidelines-Travel Program

The roster can be found on the registerasa site. You can print it out and have the parents sign it. Bring it to check in at your tournament with a photo ID.

To be an eligible returning team you must meet the returning team requirements as listed in the ASA National Code.  Send the Official Tournament Entry Request Form and completed roster to your Age Group Commissioner for verification and Commissioner’s signature.

A player is a pick-up player if she did not participate with that team during the season. Pick-up players may be selected from teams no longer eligible for Championship Play. Note: Pick-up players are not allowed in National Qualifiers. A maximum of three (3) players may be added as follows:

1.    Pick-up players must sign an official Pick-up Player Form signed by the team manager and the Commissioner, Deputy State Commissioner, Junior Olympic Commissioner or Age Group Commissioner.  If the player is under 18 years old their parent or legal guardian must also sign.
2.    Pick-up players must have been registered with a Southern California ASA registered team during the current season. Exception: Jr. Olympic ‘Gold’ pick-up players may come from ASA registered teams within the region that are no longer eligible for Championship Play.
3.    Additions may be made from the same or lower classification. New for 2015, Exception: Players who are age eligible may be picked up by a lower age classification team.
4.    Jr. Olympic players no longer eligible for Jr. Olympic Championship play are eligible to be pick-up players for Adult Major or ‘A’ teams. Adult and Jr. Olympic players whose teams have qualified for a National Tournament are NOT eligible as pick-up players.