2015 National Umpires

Tournament Umpires
12U ASA/USA Girls FP
Roseville, CA
Chris Wildermuth
Chuck Uhrig
Tim Courtney
Mike Ross
10/12 A West Girls FP
Clovis, CA
Don McKay
18A West Girls FP
Hayward, CA
Dan Cowan
10U B West Girls FP
Southern California
Ron Rowan
Steve Myles
Bart Zebold
Robert Zuniga
Matt Hepler
Tony Sabino
Russ Joseph
Mark Mosley
Steve Thompson
Women’s Armed Forces SP
LV McCree
Men’s C SP
Oklahoma City, OK
Mike Letendre
16/18U A East Girls FP
La Plata, MD
Tim Kohut
Erica Skoglund
16A Western Girls FP
Julian McGuire
William Smith
18 Gold Girls FP
Jason Robinson
Mark Korras
Mindy Villa
Southern California
Tom Davis
Chris Drumm
David Hardage
Laura Head
Mark Korras
Katrina Kershaw
Jason Robinson
Sue Sawyer
Mindy Villa
James Walker
14U HOF Girls FP
Oklahoma City, OK
James Pulver

2014 National Umpires

Tournament Umpires
10-12 A West
Salem, Oregon
Tom Duarte
Robert Slater
10-12 B West
Roseville, CA
Tim Courtney
Peter LaChat
Rhonda Miles
Steven Thompson
12 B East
Charles Cty, MD
Joe Martinez
Matt Tayton
Bloomington, IN
Roger CoxDhelmy Hernandez
14 A West
Pasco, WA
Rick Duvall
William Hepler
16 A West
Clovis, CA
Otis Jackson
Jesse Oronoz
Salem, VA
Joseph Marzan
Robert Raphael
18 A West
Tucson, AZ
Ron Lyon
18 Gold ASA/USA
Oklahoma City, OK
Bob McElroy
Donald Parker
San Diego, CA
Laura Head-UIC
Sue Sawyer-UIC
Fred Schimmel-Umpire Coordinator
James Bretz
Larry DeMatteo
Dave Hardage
Sue Middlemas
Lynn Primeaux
Jason Robinson
Keith Skoglund
Linda Timbreza
John Ward
Joseph Bakunus
Kevin Chellman
Daniel Edwards
Eric Hutchinson
Les Oser
James Pulver
Mario Romero
Stevens Tabiendo
Charles Uhrig
Jeremy Timbreza
Daniel Winders
Jessica Black
Jose DeAnda
Terry Erickson
Tracy Mendoza
Douglas Rhodes
Shane Sawitz
Mindy Villa
Don Parker

National Indicator Fraternity

This reward program has been available to ASA umpires since 1986. It was originally started as a program for those umpires who have been assigned and officiated in three national championships, but did not qualify or gain approval for International Softball Federation (ISF) certification. Today it is considered the highest level reward program for ASA Umpires, not including the ASA Hall of Fame Umpire classification or ISF certification.

Name Year
Debby Ahrenstein 1993
Bruce Bianchini 2009
Roger Denny 2005
Ron Drvol 2013
Levon “Faye” Fayson 2011
Michael Feilen 2009
Jim Gibilisco 1992
Phil Gutierrez 1996
Debbie Harris 2014
Richard Hausvik 2005
Laura Head 2000
Mauel Joia 2011
Bob Kauffman 1996
Mark Korras 2009
Debbi Lauderback 1998
Michael Letendre 2008
Kenneth Mosley 2007
Armand Navarro 1986
Larry Patterson 2007
Bert Raaphorst 2013
Edward Rawers 2002
Ken Robuck 2010
Jim Russell 2004
David Sakata 2010
Jim Sanderson 2003
Sue Sawyer 2009
Jeff Stewart 2003
Linda Timbreza 2009
Glenn Waggoner, Jr 2009
James Walker III 2007
Edward Wanick 2008
John Wheeler 2001

Elite Umpires

This reward program is the highest honor an ASA umpire can obtain other than selection to the ASA Hall of Fame. The program was launched in 2003, with 153 umpires approved in February of that year. There are currently 360 qualified umpires that have been selected for the “Elite” program. Members who are approved as “Elite” umpires can apply for their international certification (ISF), and are the only umpires selected for the National Championship Series (SP) and the Armed Forces Slow Pitch Championships. In future years, it is anticipated that “Elite” umpires will be selected for major Fast and Modified Pitch Championships. To become eligible for this program, an umpire must have been an ASA registered umpire for at least seven (7) years and a current member in good standing. The umpire must have participated in at least four (4) national championships, and umpired in two (2) in the same category of play and from the championships listed below

Name Category
Jim Gibilisco Fast Pitch
David Hardage Fast Pitch
Laura Head Fast Pitch
Bob Kauffman Slow Pitch
Katrina Kershaw Fast Pitch
Mark Korras Fast Pitch
Debbi Lauderback Fast Pitch
L.V. McCree Slow Pitch
Norris Rushing Fast Pitch
Sue Sawyer Fast Pitch
Mindy Villa Fast Pitch
James Walker III Fast Pitch

International Softball Federation

Receiving ISF certification is a program for the elite ASA Umpire, not available to any other softball organization. Once the umpire is certified as an ISF umpire, he/she is available to umpire at World (adult or junior men’s and women’s) or Regional Softball Championships, including the Pan American Games and the Olympics. Certification can be achieved in fast pitch, slow pitch, or modified pitch levels.
A total of 213 U.S. umpires have been certified in this program since it began in 1978. Considering there have been nearly 100,000 registered umpires during that span of time, it is indeed an honor to hold this certification. Of that total, only 129 are active – 57 in fast pitch, 28 in slow pitch and 44 in modified pitch.

Name Events
Peter Davis
Christina Drumm World Cup-2005  World Cup-2007World Cup VIII-2013  Women’s World Championship, Venezuela-2010
Jim Gibilisco World Cup II-2007
Dave Hardage Jr. Men’s World Championship, Canada-2013
Laura Head Pan American Games-2012 World Cup IX-2014
Bob Kauffman
Katrina Kershaw World Cup 2010
Debbi Lauderback Jr. Girl’s World Championships, Taiwan-1999  Women’s World Championship, Candad-2002  Olympics – Athens, Greece-2004
Sue Sawyer World Cup VII-2012   World Cup IX-2014   Women’s World Championships XIV, Netherlands-2014

ASA Medals Program

Umpires can be rewarded for registering and officiating ASA softball without being assigned to regional or national championships. This rewards the local umpire who supports the ASA program, and can be relied upon for local assignments.

There are four levels for this program – the Blue level for those who have been registered for three (3) years, the Bronze level for those registered for five (5) years, the Silver level for those registered for seven (7) years and the Gold level for those registered for seven (7) years. Umpires can reach these levels quicker if they have umpired in national championships, or attended National Umpire Schools.

Name Medal
Debby Ahrenstein Gold
Richard Alcantara Gold
Henry “Hank” Alonzo Gold
Victor Atherton Blue
Lou Baldwin Gold
Edward “Eddie” Barnes Bronze
Nicole Barrett Blue
John Bennett Bronze
Bruce Bianchini Silver
Dan Bishop Blue
John Brazo IV Blue
Penny Bryant Bronze
Anthony Carson Blue
Frank Carter Bronze
Bruce Carvajal Gold
Bob Cheney Silver
Mike Cheshire Blue
Craig Churness Blue
Dick Clift Bronze
Mike Corbett Silver
Rick Cowan Bronze
John Cross Blue
Chris Dallatorre Bronze
Edward Davis Gold
Peter Davis Gold
John DeLeon Bronze
Amanda Den-Heyer Bronze
Roger Denny Gold
Sandra Diaz Blue
Steven Dorr Blue
Jack Downey Silver
Herb Draper Blue
Herbie Draper Jr. Blue
Christina Drumm Gold
Paul Ebert Blue
Mark Edwards Bronze
Ron Edwards Silver
Levon “Faye” Fayson Gold
Michael Feilen Gold
Duke Fuller Blue
Dan Funk Bronze
John Galella Bronze
Jim Gibilisco Bronze
Norman Giller Blue
Mike Girouard Silver
Jim Gresham Gold
Tom Hall Bronze
Debbie Harris Silver
Deb Hartwig Gold
Jeff Haspell Gold
Richard Hausvik Blue
Laura Head Gold
Patrick Hernandez Blue
Michael “Mickey” Hershman Silver
Fred Hicks Bronze
Michael Hodge Bronze
William Horner Blue
Mark Hunt Bronze
Mary Ippolito Blue
Arthur Irving Gold
Jerry Ivy Gold
Mauel Joia Gold
Bob Kauffman Gold
Dennis Kerr Bronze
Richard Kiesling Bronze
Jr. Willis J. King Gold
Jim Klein Blue
Randy Kornfein Blue
Rowland Kumamoto Blue
JD Lambright Blue
Dawn Langer Bronze
Debbi Lauderback Silver
Randy Leonhardt Silver
Michael Letendre Bronze
Vincent Lombardi, Jr Bronze
John Lopez Gold
Martin Lowrey Gold
Ron Lyon Bronze
Richard Massey Blue
Mark Mazur Blue
L.V. McCree Gold
William Meyer Blue
Barney Miller Bronze
Brian Miller Blue
Paul Morines Blue
Kenneth Mosley Gold
Armand Navarro Gold
Harrie Niers Silver
Kalani Ongais Bronze
Larry Patterson Gold
Bill Plante Gold
Steve Pollard Blue
Gary Rand Blue
Edward Rawers Bronze
Ken Robuck Gold
Michael Ross Blue
Norris Rushing Gold
John Russell Bronze
Joseph Russo Gold
Robert Sabo Bronze
David Sakata Gold
Jeffrey Samuels Silver
Ann-Marie Sandberg Bronze
Jim Sanderson Gold
Sue Sawyer Gold
Anne Marie Schoenmann Gold
Don Sellers Gold
Gregory Simental, Jr Silver
Steve Snyder Blue
Roy Stout Gold
Herman Streeter Gold
Bill Strnad Gold
Thorsten Strom Bronze
Henry Szekely Bronze
Mark Taul Gold
Charles Tennant Gold
Darrell Thomson Bronze
Glenn Thoren Bronze
Linda Timbreza Gold
Michael Tokorcheck Blue
Ernest Trabuccu Silver
Terri Trefger Blue
Chuck “Charles” Trimble Silver
Raymond Triplett Gold
Brian Trychta Bronze
Joe Vasquez Bronze
Michael Venarde Blue
Richard Vincent Bronze
Glenn Waggoner, Jr Gold
James Walker Silver
Julie Walker Blue
James Walker III Gold
Edward Wanick Gold
John Ward II Bronze
Oliver Wardenaar Blue
Keith Wolverton Bronze
Randall Wood Blue
Dale Yegge Bronze



The Medals program is a very popular program for the ASA umpire, with the caps and shirts being seen all across the U.S.

ASA umpires take pride in their program and as more umpires are becoming aware of this reward program, more registrations are received. When submitting the application, local association commissioners must approve, indicating the umpire is in good standing. Names are printed annually in the ASA Case Book.

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